QUESTION: Can I request a product that I do not find on your order form?
ANSWER: Yes, please do. We can usually accommodate your request. We are also constantly seeking new halal items to add to our offerings and your suggestions are appreciated.

QUESTION: Can you pack my order in a different size package than you list on your order form?
ANSWER: Yes, we would be happy to accommodate your requests wherever we are able to.

QUESTION: How are your fresh meats packaged and labeled?
ANSWER: We tray wrap our meats and poultry similarly to what you would see in a supermarket meat department. We label each package as halal and with the name of the product in the package. Each package is double wrapped in clear plastic wrap and can be placed directly into your freezer.

QUESTION: How do you ship your products and keep them cold?
ANSWER: We pack our products into a specially designed insulated carton, and pack with dry ice. The product is guaranteed to arrive cold to your home. Delivery is made by UPS delivery.

QUESTION: How long can I keep these items in my freezer?
ANSWER: You can store your meats up to four months if kept at 0 degrees F.

QUESTION: If some of my product is not frozen when I receive it upon delivery, can I freeze it?
ANSWER: Yes, your order was made and packed for you just before it was sent out. As long as the product is still cold, you may safely place it right into your freezer.

QUESTION: When will I receive my order?
ANSWER: Usually, if orders are received and confirmed with complete payment information by Friday, the order will be shipped from VA on Monday. You will then usually receive your order on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, depending upon your distance from VA.

QUESTION: Our Islamic School wishes to purchase halal meats. Do you sell certain items in "institutional size packaging"?
ANSWER: Yes, contact us for more information.

QUESTION: We have a grocery store and we would like to sell halal meats in it. Can you supply us?
ANSWER: Yes, contact us for more information.

QUESTION: Can we visit your store?
ANSWER: Please do! We operate our retail store at 10372 Lee Highway, Fairfax, VA 22030. We are open every day of the year. Our normal store hours are 9:00 AM until 8:30 PM Sunday through Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, we are open between 9:00 AM and 9:30 PM. Please call for directions. (703)591-2900.


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